Tavern Desserts

Dessert mdr


Seasonal Fruit Crisp

with an oat crumb topping
$4.50    $5.50

Double Chocolate Chip Cookie

Oven baked to order, served warm with double vanilla ice cream

Turtle Sundae

Chocolate truffle and double vanilla ice cream with candied pecans, chocolate and caramel sauce, house-baked biscotti, and candied turtles

Warm Molten Chocolate Cake

with double vanilla ice cream and fudge sauce

Four-Layer Cake

ask about today's selection

Seasonal Berry Pie
$6.50 a la mode

Housemade Traditional Blueberry Pie
$6.50 a la mode

Chocolate Brownie Bread Pudding

with fresh berries and chocolate sauce

Traditional New England Indian Pudding
$5.50    $6.50 a la mode

"Maine Root": Root Beer Float

Maine organic root beer float, served with hand-crafted biscotti

Cookie Plate

an assortment of freshly baked cookies